One Word Substitution (एक शब्द प्रतिस्थापन)
One Word Substitution (एक शब्द प्रतिस्थापन)

One Word Substitution (एक शब्द प्रतिस्थापन)

अक्षर A ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

one who is not sure about God’s existenceAgnostic
– a lover of mankind (= philanthropist)
– One who devotes his life to the welfare and the interests of other people
– one, who considers the happiness and well-being of others first
Altruistपरोपकारी, दुस-याच्या कल्याणाची चिंता वाहणारा
one who does a thing for pleasure and not as a professionAmateurहौशी, एखादी गोष्ट द्व्य प्राप्ती साठी न करता केवळ हौस म्हणून करणारा माणूस
one who can use either hand with easeAmbidexterous
one who is out to destroy all government, peace and order.Anarchist
A person who opposes anotherAntagonist
An examination of a dead body to find out the cause of deathAutopsyशवविच्छेदन
A list of items to be transacted at a meetingAgenda
Allowance due to a wife from her husband on separationAlimony
Study of heavenly bodiesAstronomy
Place that provides refugeAsylum
The time between midnight and noonAnte – meridiem
Fear of heightAcrophobia
fear of airAerophobia
Loss of memoryAmnesia
Capable of being interpreted in two waysAmbiguous
Recurrence of same initial letter or soundAlliteration
Students of same universityAlma mater
a number of people listening to a lectureAudienceप्रेक्षक, श्रोते, एखादी गोष्ट किंवा व्यक्ती पाहण्यासाठी किंवा ऐकण्यासाठी जमलेला लोकांचा समुदाय
a person who does not believe in GodAtheistनास्तिक
one, who studies the evolution of mankindAnthropologistमानववंशशास्त्रज्ञ
government by one personAutocracyनिरंकुशता, अनियंत्रित राज्यकारभार
the life history of a person written by himselfAutobiographyआत्मचरित्र, एखाद्या माणसाची त्यानेच लिहिलेली जीवन कहाणी
to cut off a part of a person’s body which is infectedAmputateविच्छेदन ; कापून काढणे
a place for ammunition and weaponsArsenalशस्त्रागार; शस्त्रास्त्रे किंवा दारुगोळा जेथे ठेवतात किंवा करतात ती जागा
a place where government or public records are keptArchivesसंग्रहण, ऐतिहासिक कागदपत्रे, पुराभिलेख, ऐतिहासिक दप्तर, राजकार्यलेखरक्षणशास्त्र
People of noble families or the highest social classAristocracyअमीर-उमराव
An official pardon for offendersAmnestyसर्वसाधारण माफी
Lack of blood or poorness of bloodAnaemiaरक्तक्षय
A book or writting not bearing the name of the writerAnonymousअनामिक
a person appointed by two parties to solve a disputeApostate
a person appointed by two parties to solve a disputeArbitrator
one who leads on austere lifeAscetic
voluntary giving up of throne in favour of some oneAbdication
an annual calender with position of starsAlmanac
animal that live both on land and seaAmphibian
a story that expresses ideas through symbolsAllegory
departure from common ruleAnomaly
animals that live in waterAquatic
a statement accepted as true without proofAxiom
a place where animals are slaughtered for the marketAbattoir
a place where bees are keptApiary
a tank for fishesAquarium
a place for wrestlingArena
a place where birds are keptAviary
a person who presents a radio /TV programmeAnchor
a person who travels in spacecraftAstronaut
absence of govt.Anarchy
the right of self-govt.Autonomy
the practice of having extra-marital relationsAdultery
happening once in a yearAnnual
a state of relationship fermed between states, powers etc.Alliance
a collection of poemsAnthology
the study of soundAcoustics
the science or art of flightAeronautics
the philosophy of fine artsAesthetics
the science of soil management of the production of field cropsAgronomy
chemistry in ancient timesAlchemy
the science dealing with the structure of animals, plants or human bodyAnatomy
the science that deals with the origin, physical & cultural development of mankindAnthropology
cultivation of trees & vegetablesArboriculture
the ancient art of predicting the course of human destinies with the help of indications deduced from the position & movement of the heavenly bodiesAstrology
Fear of painAlgophobia
Fear of altitudeAltiphobia
Fear of public /place openAgoraphobia
Fear of malesAndrophobia
Fear of solitudeAutophobia
fear of getting fat makes yound girls stop eating resulting in harmful effectAnorexia
अक्षर A ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

अक्षर B ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

Instruments to measure atmospheric pressureBarometer
One who has narrow and prejudiced religious viewsBigot
A test in which cells from diseased organs are removed and testedBiopsy
– Words uttered impiously about God
– an act of speaking against religion (Heresy)
A woman with dark brown hairBrunette
Trade by exchangingBarterवस्तूविनिमय
one who is unable to pay his debts (= Insolvent)Bankrupt
an unconventional style of livingBohemian
one that is in a war- like mood (= Belicose)Belligerent
the life history of a person (written by some other person)Biography
dwelling place of an animal undergroundBurrow
govt. run by officialsBureaucracy
the practice of having two wives or husbands at a timeBigamy
happening in two yearsBiennial
200th anniversaryBicentennial / (Bicentenary)
a group of musicians, followersBand
a group of pupilsBatch
a large quantity of cotton tied in a bundleBale
the office of judges or magistratesBench
a large group of girls /ladiesBevy
a group of houses /buildings bounded by 4 sidesBlock
a bunch of lowersBouquet
a family of youngonesBrood
a pair of pigeonsBrace
decision-making body of directorsBoard
of questionsBarrage
the study of history of a list of books on a subjectBibliography
the study of bacteriaBacteriology
the study of plantsBotany
Fear of depthsBathophobia
Fear of booksBibliophobia
अक्षर B ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

अक्षर C ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

An extreme fear of being in a small confined placeClaustrophobia
Feeling inside you which tells you what is right and what is wrongConscience
To confirm with the help of evidenceCorroborate
A person who is bad in spellingCacographist
A person who writes decorativelyCalligrapher
The use of many words where only a few are necessaryCircumlocution
One who is a citizen not of a country but of the worldCosmopolitan
One who feeds on human fleshCannibalनरभक्षक,
स्वजातिभक्षक मानव किंवा प्राणी
one who feeds on fleshCarnivorous
A person who is blindly devoted to an idea/ A person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotismChauvinistअराजकतावादी,आत्यंतिक देशप्रेमी
A critical judge of any art and craftConnoisseurजाणकार, मर्मज्ञ, गुणज्ञ, मार्मिक परीक्षक, रसज्ञ, उत्तम ‍अभिरुची व सौंदर्याची जाण असलेला
Persons living at the same timeContemporariesसमकालीन
One who is recovering health after illnessConvalescentबरा होणे, दुखण्यातून उठत असलेला
अशा लोकांसाठी असलेला,
दुखण्यातून नुकताच बरा झालेला माणूस
Mark or Celebrate by doing somethingCommemorateचा स्मरणोत्सव करणे
The dead body of an animalCarcassजनावराचे मृत शरिर
A careful preservation and protection ofConservationसंरक्षण
A disease that is communicated by contactContagiousस्पर्शजन्य रोग
A man who has lots of investment in the private sectorCapitalistभांडवलदार
a girl/woman who flirts with menCoquette
one who is the centre of attractionCynosure
one who sneers at the beliefs of othersCynic
the science of arranging time in periods and ascertaining the dates & historical order of the past eventsChronology
compulsory enlistment for military serviceConscription
a religious warCrusade
a place where ammunition is hiddenCache
a place for birdsCage
a place with gambling tables etc.Casino
a place for luggage at railway stationCloakroom
a nursery where children of working parents are cared for while their parents are at workCreche
a cremation ground where the last funeral rites are performedCrematorium
one who draws mapsCartographer
a person who writes beautiful writingCalligraphist
one who teaches art of dancingChoreographer
one who drives a motor carChauffeur
one who introduces performing artists on the stage programmesCompere
one who is in charge of a museum /a cricket pitchCurator
a graveyard where the dead are buriedCemetery
a funeral procession comprising a number of mournersCortege
a state of abstention from marriageCelibacy
live-in relationshipConcubinage
100th anniversaryCentennial / Centenary
one who is hundred years oldCentenarian
a period of 100 yearsCentury
a group of people travelling with their vehicles or animalsCaravan
a list of booksCatalogue
of the inner circle of members of govt.Caucus
a small group of persons belonging to a bodyClique
a group of friendsCircle
a group of applauders i.e. paid to clapClaque
a group of islandsCluster
a systematic collection of lawsCode
a group of people of one race moving in the same directionColony
a series of starsConstellation
of drawersChest
a meeting of delegatesCongress
a group of trucks /lorries travelling together under protectionConvoy
a series of lectures /lessonsCourse
a meeting of preachers /delegatesConference
a group of worshippersCongregation
of sailors manning shipsCrew
the art of beautiful handwritingCalligraphy
the art & technology of making objects from clay etc.Ceramics, Pottery
the study of duration of lifeChronobiology
behave, the art of making fireworksChromatics
the science that describes and maps the main features of the universeCosmography
the science of the nature of heavenly bodiesCosmogony
the science of the nature, origin and history of the universeCosmology
the science of dealing with the production control and the application of very low temperaturesCryogenics
the art of secret writingsCypher
the study of cells, especially their formation, structure and functionsCytology
Fear of uglinessCacophobia
Fear of doctorsCatrophobia
extreme fear about beautyCellophobia
Fear of timeChronophobia
Fear of dogsCynophobia
अक्षर C ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

D अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

A game in which no one wins
A game or battle in which neither party wins
One who cannot speakDumb
One who is a dabbler in Arts, Science or LiteratureDilettante
A person who neglects his dutiesDelinquentकर्तव्य टाळणारा
One who is a great orator and great leaderDemagogueवक्ता
suave (polished & light hearted person)Debonair
an ornamental glass bottle for holding wine or other alcoholic drinksDecanter
the sleeping rooms in a college or public institutionDormitory
a squirrel’s homeDrey
govt. by the peopleDemocracy
happening in ten yearsDecennial
a flock of cattle (being driven)Drove
the study of finger prints for the purpose of identificationDactylography
the technique of communication by signs made with the fingers. It is generally used by the deafDactylology
the study of human population with the help of the records of the no. of birth and deathsDemography
Fear of thirstDipsophobia
Fear of morbid compulsion to drinkDipsomania
Fear of Delusion of being under evil spiritDemonomania
D अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

E अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

Evenness of mind or temperEquanimityसमतोल वृत्ती मनाची शांती समता
A person leaving his native country to settle in anotherEmigrant
A person who does not want to see the realities of life and tries to escapeEscapist
A speech delivered without previous preparationExtempore
Still existing and knownExtant
Mental weariness for want of occupationEnnuiमरगळ , वीट , कंटाळा
A state of perfect balanceEquilibriumसमतोलपणा
A short journey often for pleasureExcursionसहल, सफर
The art of effective speakingElocutionवक्तृत्व, भाषणाला
Words inscribed on the tomb of a personEpitaphथडग्यावर कोरलेले शब्द
One who always talks of oneselfEgotistस्वार्थी
Person who rides on horse-backEquestrianघोडेस्वार
A man of odd habitsEccentricविलक्षण /विचित्र
A short & meaningful & weighty sayingEpigramम्हणी
A brief summary of bookEpilogueउपसंहार
a man who is womanish in his habitsEffeminate
a lover of oneself, of one’s advancementEgoist
one who is for pleasure of eating & drinkingEpicure
anything to be eatenEatable
fit to be eatenEdible
a book that contains information on various subjectsEncyclopaedia
lasting for a very short time / a dayEphemeral
a paradise with perfect blissElysium
a poem of lamentation on the death of someone loved & admiredElegy
the study of the relation of animals & plants to their surroundings, animate & inanimateEcology
the study of insectsEntomology
the study of inscriptionsEpigraphy
the study of human racesEthnology
the study of animal behaviourEthology
the study of origin & history of words (Morphology)Etymology
the study of production of better offspring by the careful selection of parentsEugenics
the study of effect of environment on workersErgonomy
Fear of insectsEntomophobia
Fear of workErgophobia
E अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

F अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

Murder of a brotherFratricide
One who is filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm about his religionFanatic
the action of flying of birds the study of the relation of animals & plants to their surroundings, animate & inanimateFlight
A number of shipsFleet
An abandoned child of unknown parents who is found by somebodyFoundling
Something that causes deathFatalजीवघेणा
To struggle helplesslyFlounder
one hard to please (very selective in his habits)Fastidious
one who believes in fate (àmaãYdmXr)Fatalist
one who works for the welfare of women (=philogynist)Feminist
one who runs away from justice (= Absconding person)Fugitive
a story relating to birds /animals with a moral in the endFable
an exact copy of handwriting, printing (= xerox)Facsimile
animal of a particular regionFauna
the flowers of a particular regionFlora
that can be easily brokenFragile
one who deals in flowersFlorist
murder of one’s childrenFilicide
murder of foetusFoeticide
a small fleet of boatsFlotilla
of sheepsFleet
F अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

G अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

To look at someone in an angry or threatening wayGlower
A person who is talkativeGarrulous
Animals living in flocksGregariousकळपात राहणारा
A room for storing grainsGrainaryधान्याचे कोठार
a lover of good foodGourmand
a connoisseur of foodGourmet
a place where atheletic exercises are ferformedGymnasium
a place for storing grainsGranary
govt. by old menGerontocracy
murder of raceGenocide
a system of millions of stars, beautiesGalaxy
a room that contains pictures & statues displayed fore saleGallery
a small orchard of treesGrove
the study of family ancestries and historiesGenealogy
the branch of biology dealing with the phenomenon of heredity and the laws governing itGenetics
the science that deals with the physical history of the earthGeology
the art of performing acrobatics featsGymnastics
Fear of birthGenophobia
Fear of marriageGamophobia
Fear of old ageGeraphobia
Fear of knowledgeGnsiophobia
Fear of writingGraphophobia
Fear of womenGynephobia
G अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

H अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

One who pretends to be what he is notHypocrite
Parts of a country behind the coast of a river bankHinterland
A post for which no salary is paidHonoraryमानद
A man ruled by his wifeHenpeckedबायकोच्या ताब्यातील
one who believes that sensual pleasure is the chief goodHedonist
one who acts against religionHeretic
one that lives on herbsHerbivorous
a person considering himself to be superior in culture & intellect (= snob)High brow
one who is over anxious about his healthHypochondriac
who believes that sensual pleasure is the chief goodHedonist one
one who is over anxious about his healthHypochodria
a place for housing aeroplanesHangar
a place for beesHive
a wooden box with a front of wire for rabbitsHutch
murder of a man /womanHomicide
a group of houses in a villageHamlet
a no. of ruins, stonesHeap
a no. of fish (in a net) caught at one timeHaul
a large of animals that live togetherHerd
a large no. of people, reasons, considerationsHost
of people, robbersHorde
the sun careHeliotherapy
the study of tissuesHistology
the cultivation of flowers, fruits, vegetables and ornamental plantsHorticulture
the treatment of diseases by the internal and external use of waterHydropathy
the study of the lives of saintsHagiology
Fear of bloodHaematophobia
Fear of pleasureHedonophobia
Fear of travelHodophobia
Fear of waterHydrophobia
H अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

I अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

A person who enters without any invitationIntruder
What cannot be heardInaudible
A person who is pure and cleanImmaculate
A person who has no money to pay off his debtsInsolvent
A foreigner who settles in a countryImmigrant
One who does not make mistakesInfallible
The action of looking within or into one’s own mindIntrospection
That which cannot be rubbed offIndelibleखोडून काढण्यास अशक्य
A man who has no moneyImpecuniousकंगाल
one who is breaker of images & traditionsIconoclast
one who does not know reading or writing (X Literate)Illiterate
that cannot be entered by force (X pregnable)Impregnable
one who pretends to be somebody elseImposter
one who does not tire easilyIndefatigable
one who does not express himself freely (X Extrovert)Introvert
one who journeys from place to place (Nomadic)Itinerant
one too strong to be defeated (X Vincible)Invincible
one that can not be harmed / wounded (X Vulnerable)Invulnerable
in capable of being real (X Legible)Illegible
a person /place that cannot be easily approached (X accessible)Inaccessible
in capable of being practised (X practicable)Impracticable
incapable of being corrected (X Corrigible)Incorrigible
incapable of being repaired (X Reparable)Irreparable
not fit to eat (X Edible)Inedible
liable to catch fire easily (Xnon – inflamable)Inflammable
that can not be avoided (X Evitable)Inevitable
that can not be dispensed with, removed (X Dispensable)Indispensable
a period of interval between two regimes and govts.Interregnum
that can be understood (X Unintelligible)Intelligible
a home for old personsInfirmary
One who supervises in the exam hallInvigilator
murder of an infantInfanticide
Teaching with the aid of pictures and modelsIconography
the study of symbolic representationsIconology
I अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

J अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

Art of writing for newspapers and magazinesJournalism
A professional rider in horse racesJockey
an untidy collection of thingsJumble
the science of lawJurisprudence
J अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

K अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

A funeral bellKnell
a house of shelter for a dogKennel
govt. by the worst citizenKakistocracy
Fear of thievesKleptophobia
a compulsive desire to stealKleptomania
K अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

L अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

One who compiles a dictionaryLexicographer
One who cuts precious stonesLapidist
a person who leads an immoral life (= Lecher)Libertine
of the moonLunar
the resting place of a wild animalLair / Den
of young pigs, dogs of birthLitter
a section of hairLock
The writing or compiling of dictionariesLexicography
Fear of getting fatLipophobia
Fear of studyLogophobia
mania for talkingLogomania
L अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

M अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

A man who hates marriage
One who hates women
A sweet musicMelody
A continuous process of change is known asMetamorphosis
To cut apart a person’s bodyMutilate
A person who is always dissatisfiedMalcontent
A man working merely for moneyMercenaryपोटार्थी
A bird that comes and goes with seasonMigratoryस्थलांतर करणे
Papers written by hand or manuallyManuscriptहस्तलिखित
one who dies for a noble causeMartyr
one who hates mankind (X Philanthropist)Misanthrope
one who hates the knowledge (X Bibliologist)Misologist
a speech or an attempt made by a person for the first timeMaiden
an animal that gives milkMammal
a place where money is coinedMint
a place for wild animals and birds (Sanctuary)Menagerie
a residence for monks or priestsMonastery
a place where dead bodies are kept for identificationMorgue
a place where dead bodies are kept for past-mortemMortuary
govt. by mob (= Mobocracy)Mobocracy
govt. by the King /QueenMonarchy
murder of one’s motherMatricide
a state of being marriedMatrimony
the practice of marrying one at a timeMonogamy
a period of 1000 yearsMillennium
Fear of childbirthMaieusiophobia
Fear of motherhoodMetrophobia
Fear of old memoriesMenemophobia
Fear of lonelinessMonophobia
Fear of filth, contaminationMysophobia
delusion about one’s greatnessMegalomania
M अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

N अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

To be known for bad actsNotorious
A system of naming thingsNomenclature
Specialist of KidneyNephrologist
a person having the same name as anotherNamesake
lover of selfNarcissist
one who is inexperienced in anything (= Tyro)Novice
one who collects coinsNumismatist
home sickness, memories of the pastNostalgia
govt. by the unexperienced personsNeocracy
one who is in ninetiesNonagenarian
the study of coins and metalsNumismatics
Fear of darknessNyctophobia
N अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

O अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

The words with opposite meanings used togetherOxymoron
– One who tends to take a hopeful view of life
– a person who looks at the bright side of the things (X pessimist)
one who eats everythingOmnivorous
one who has lost one’s parentsOrphan
one who is present every whereOmnipresent
one who is all powerfulOmnipotent
one who knows allOmniscient
a place where fruit trees are grownOrchard
a place where orphans are housedOrphanage
govt. by a few personsOligarchy
an account in the newspaper about the funeral of the deceasedObituary
one who is in eightiesOctagenarian
a society of knights, monks living under the same ruleOrder
The scientific study of the teethOdontology
the study of birdsOrnithology
the study of correct pronunciationsOrthoepy
extreme or irrational fear or dislike of crowds.Ochlophobia
Fear of eyesOphthalmophobia
O अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

P अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

One who knows many languagesPolyglot or multilingual
A person who loves mankindPhilanthropist
A cure for all diseasesPanacea
Release of a prisoner from jail on certain terms and conditionsParole
Thick skinned animalPachyderm
An imaginary name assumed by an author for disguisePseudonym
A small room in a big house, hotel, ship etc. where glasses, dishes, spoons, food etc. are keptPantry
A person who gambles or betsPunter
– A child born after the death of his father
– a book published after the death of the author
– an award received after the death of the recipient
One who is appreciated by everyonePopularलोकप्रिय
Original modelPrototypeमुळ प्रतिमा
one who works for the welfare of women (X Misogynist)Philogynist
one who hates war, loves peacePacifist
one who looks dark side of life (X Optimist)Pessimist
one who amuses oneself by lovemakingPhilanderer
one who does not care for art & culturePhilistine
one who callects stampsPhilatelist
one who goes on footPedestrian
a short story with a moralParable
the belief that God pervades naturePantheism
a style meant to display one’s knowledgePedantic
literary theft or passing off an author’s original work as one’s ownPlagiarism
something spiritual (love)Platonic
that can be carried in handPortable
fit to drinkPotable
a decision made by public votingPlebiscite
a portable case for holding papers, drawing etc.Portfolio
one who studies the pattern of voting in electionsPsephologist
govt. run universallyPanarchy
govt. by the richPlutocracy
murder of one’s parentsParricide
murder of one’s fatherPatricide
Medical examination of a dead body (= Autopsy)Post-mortem
the practice of marrying more than one wife at a timePolygamy
the practice of marrying more than one husband at a timePolyandry
500th anniversaryPentacentennial
a small group of inspecters, examiners for investigationPanel
of fowls, ducks etc.Poultry
a group of policemenPosse
the art or method of teachingPedagogy
The study of rocks /crustPetrology
the collection and study of postage /revenue stamps etc.Philately
the study of written records, their authenticity etc.Philology
the study of human facePhysiognomy
the study of speech sounds, and the production, transmission, receptionPhonetics
the study of ancient writingsPalaeography
Fear of childrenPaedophobia
Fear of disease /sicknessPathophobia
Fear of poverty /money problemPeniaphobia
Fear of medicinePharmacophobia
Fear of ghostsPhasmophobia
Fear of firePyrophobia
P अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

Q अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

an animal with four feetQuadruped
an act of seperation from a person to avoid infectionQuarantine
happening n four yearsQuadrennial
happening in five yearsQuinquennial

R अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

– Too much official formality
– official formality resulting in delay
Red tapism
To send back a person to one’s countryRepatriate
Circular building or hall with a domeRotunda
An involuntary action under a stimulus is described as aReflex
one who lives in seclusionRecluse
general vote of the public to decide a question (plebiscite)Referendum
dress with medals, ribbons worn at official ceremoniesRegalia
a place where water is collected and storedReservoir
a place frequented for reasons of pleasure or healthResort
one who presents a radio programmeRadio Jockey
the murder of King or QueenRegicide
a no. of servants, persons, present with a person in authorityRetinue
a string of beadsRosary
the art of elegant speech or writingRhetoric
R अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

S अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

An official call to appear in a court of lawSummon
An order requiring a person to attend a courtSubpoena
Words of similar meaningSynonyms
A post with little work but high salarySinecure
A short stay at a placeSojournमुक्काम
Ignorant and irrational beliefSuperstitionअंधश्रद्धा
Speaking aloud to oneselfSoliloquyस्वगत
One who walks in sleepSomnambulistझोपेत चालणारा
a person who feels pleasure by hurting othersSadist
one who helps the needy and the helplessSamaritan
a person who walks in sleepSomnambulist
person who talks in sleepSommiloquist
a person who is indifferent to pain & pleasures of lifeStoic
a boastful fellowSwashbuckler
violating the sanctity of religious places /objects (= Desecration)Sacrilege
a job with high salary but a little responsibilitySinecure
a medicine that induces sleepSoporific
a thing kept in memory of an eventSouvenir
the last literary work of a writer / an artistSwan Song
of the sunSolar
a house of shelter for a horseStable
a place where pigs are keptSty
a place where plates, dishes, pots and other cooking utensils are washed upScullery
a case in which the blade of a sword is keptSheath, scabbard
a place for the sick to recover healthSanatorium
one who gives shape to stoneSculptor
govt. not by the laws of religionSecular
murder of oneselfSuicide
murder of one’s sisterSororicide
on older woman who is not marriedSpinster
one who is in sixtiesSexagenarian
one who is in seventiesSeptuagenarian
50th anniversarySemicentennial
150th anniversarySesquicentennial
a no. of similar events, matches, lecturesSeries
a large no. of fish swimming togetherShoal
of corn, wheatSheaf
a sequence of similar itemsString
a continuous flow of people /visitorsStream
a set of followers /rooms /furnitureSuite
a set of clothes made of same fabricSuit
the topics of studiesSyllabus
of filies /locusts, bees, ants etc.Swarm
a group of merchantsSyndicate
the raising of silk worms for the production of raw silkSericulture
the study of earthquakes and the phenomenon associated with itSeismology
Fear of burglarsScelerophobia
S अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

T अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

A written statement about someone’s character, usually provided by an employerTestimonial
A body through which light can passTransparentपारदर्शक
one who does not take any intoxicating drugsTeetotaller
a noisy quarrel some woman, a shrewTermagant
one who remains absent from duty without permissionTruant
one who is a habitual drunkardToper / sot
a place where leather is tannedTannery
govt. by the GodsThearchy
govt. by the laws of religionTheocracy
happening in three yearsTriennial
300th anniversaryTricentennial / Tercentenary
400th anniversaryTetra Centennial
a frame-work of rafters, posts & barsTruss
a group of players, horses, oxenTeam
a large crowd of peopleThrong
of lies or crimesTissue
a group of artists, dancers or acrobatsTroupe
of abusive invecties, of rainTorrent
of grass, hairTuft
communication between minds by some means other than sensory perceptionTelepathy
Fear of deathThanatophobia
Fear of GodTheophobia
Fear of number thirteenTriskaidekaphobia
Fear of poisonToxicophobia
a delusion that one is GodTheomania
T अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

U अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

– A place where everything is perfect
– an imaginary land with perfect social order
Belonging to all parts of the worldUniversal
extremely fond of one’s wifeUxorious
one who lends money at very high ratesUsurer
murder of one’s wifeUxoricide
a political unit containing a no. of statesUnion
U अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

V अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

Doing something according to one’s own free willVoluntarily
one who has a long experience of any occupationVeteran
one who adapts oneself readily to various situationVersatile
one who is brilliant performer on stage (specially music)Virtuoso
one who offer one’s servicesVolunteer
a style face of difficult words (maestro)Verbose
a slight fault that can be forgivenVenial
repetition of a speech or writting word for wordVerbatim
a no. of arrows, stones, abusesVolley
V अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

W अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

A raised passageway in a buildingWalkway
a place for clothesWardrobe
of cares, troublesWorld
W अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

X अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

Fear of foreignersXenophobia

Y अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

Z अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

The highest pointZenith
a diagram showing the path of planetsZodiac
the study of animal lifeZoology
Z अक्षर ने सुरू होणारे शब्द

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