Proverbs - MPSC English
Proverbs - MPSC English

Important Proverbs

#ProverbsMarathi Meaning
1A stitch in time saves nineवेळीच केलेल्या उपायाने संभाव्य मोठी हानी टळते
2Between the devil and the deep seaइकडे आड तिकडे विहीर
3Every cloud has silver liningप्रत्येक दुर्दैवी क्षणानंतर आनंदाचा क्षण येणारच
4Time and tide wait for noneकाळ आणि वेळ कोणासाठी थांबत नाही
5Still waters run deepखरा विद्वान व्यर्थ बडबड करत नाही
6Sound mind in a sound bodyशरीर निरोगी तर मन निरोगी
7To err is humanमाणूस हा चुकीचा पुतळा आहे
8Forbidden fruit is the sweetestनिसिध्द गोष्टीचे माणसाला सर्वात अधिक आकर्षण असते
9Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Don’t concentrate all your prospects or resources in one thing or place, or you could lose everything.
10Better flatter a fool than fight him
It’s better to avoid disputes with stupid people
11Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.
Physical attacks may harm me, but cruel words will not.
11Might as well be hanged for a sheep as (for) a lamb.
If the penalty is going to be the same, you might as well commit the greater offence.
12Health is better than wealth
It’s better to be in good health than to be rich.
13Any time means no time
If the date of an event remains vague, it will never happen.
14There is a black sheep in every flock
There is always one who doesn’t behave or perform like the others
Important Proverbs – MPSC English

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