1. Abode – living place (निवासस्थान)
  2. Abortive – Futile, fruitless, unsuccessful (निष्फळ)
  3. Abridge – Shorten, curtail, condense, abbreviate (संक्षिप्त रुपात देने)
  4. Absurd – Silly, ridiculous, meaningless, illogical
  5. Abundant – Plentiful, copious, rich (विपुल)

Misspelled words

1) Calendar — A list that shows the days, weeks and months of a particular year.

2) Cemetery — Burial place.

3) Ceremonial — Connected with a ceremony.

4) Chancellor — The head of the government or universities in some countries.

5) Coffee — The cooked seeds of a tropical tree, made into powder and used for making a drink.

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